Unity.ad.ncsu.edu active directory decomissioning

We had a preliminary meeting on 8/17/2010 to identify remaining stakeholders and service areas in the unity.ad.ncsu.edu active directory.  Present; Everette A, Tom F, Wade C,, Kevin S., Jonn P., Joe W, Todd K, Patrick W., John K. 

The group agreed that December 31, 2010 is a reasonable target date to have all services out of the domain, and power the equipment off.  

The following services were identified as already decommissioned

  • Podcasting UUID via LDAP - no longer used
  • OIT shared disk space - no longer used
  • WSUS all clients moved to WolfTech already
  • WDS no longer used, hardware already repurposed
  • No applications delivered via GPOs
  • ComTech call manager - no longer uses Unity.ad

The following action items need to be followed up on

  • Check usage of VCL machine accounts and confirm they're not being used
  • Dell DRAC management needs to be moved to WolfTech
  • Userlookup need to cover WolfTech (in progress)
  • WINS usage by the administrative environment needs to be determined.

The academic Novell environment is scheduled to be decommissioned on Dec 31, 2010 .  At that point, we won't be supporting WINS for traditionally academic clients.  There is some confusing regarding how long traditionally administrative customers will continue to access Windows resources with Novell's Client-32 installed.  It is believed (but not proven) that we will need a consistant WINS infrastructure for as long as we need to support Client-32 access to services such as the Celerra.

John K and Debbie C. will develop a manifest of servers and services and draw up a timeline which ends the environment on December 31.




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