Short term Samba status and plans

It's a new year, yay!  Here's my current understanding of our Samba printing project status and plans...

We have several issues we need to make progress on in the short to medium term:
- Windows 7 support
- Better Form control
- Better memory/resource usage as a unix process
- Move auth from Unity to WolfTech

Testing plotters for proper charging

To confirm the proper operation of a plotter, both for function and accounting, we've created a test document that measures 12" x 1" Download the .pdf to test printing

In fhe following recepies, replace plotter with the name of the specific plotter you're attempting to test.

On a linux/unix computer from the command prompt

WolfPrint planning meeting

Hi Guys,


Barry asked that I put together some highlights from our meeting the other day....


Here they are!

Samba scripts moved to subversion

The scripts I'm using to populate, manage and test the Windows drivers on WolfPrint have been copied into subversion.  The repo is


It's private to unix systems folks (I think) as the source has some sql passwords in it.

It's pretty raw, as a work in progress, so don't expect a README or nuttin. :-)


LPRng Lore

All of the printer handling, including format conversions, are handled by the ifhp filter.  THIS FILTER IS NOT DOCUMENTED in the LPRng package!

Instead, see


Legacy Pcounter/NDPS windows printing

This info describes the link between Pcounter and WolfPrint. Plans are to decommission Pcounter on or about July 1, 2009. Here's the old data, cut and pasted about:

Samba printing for Windows workstations

Traditionally, Windows clients were hosted from seperate print servers running Novell's NDPS and the third party Pcounter software.  This required that the logs and quotas be syncronized.  Starting in 2009, we moved to use Samba to convert the native Microsoft SMB/RPC print requests into a form that WolfPrint can use.

Print system, aka "WolfPrint"

This information was originally written by Daniel in the Tiki-Wiki:


The WolfPrint? system consists of a number of pieces pulled together to form a somewhat complex system.
Diagram of the WolfPrint system

CNAME created for uni03ps


At the request of the folks in the WolfTech active directory, I've added a CNAME to uni03ps of


This is so that existing clients that have .ncsu.edu in their DNS search path can find it more easily.

For the spring semester, we're no longer using the Novell Pcounter system for Windows workstation printing.  Instead, uni03ps is running Samba to provide access to the lprng printers via the Microsoft RPCs.


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