Function windows-script



Public Description:

A "Script" server is a host dedicated to running non-interactive tasks. It is often used to generate reports or other housekeeping tasks. Whatever jobs a script server should perform are delayed when they occur during a period when the script server is unavailable.

Private Notes:

In 'nix parlance, this is a "cron" server.

Nagios checks:

"scheduled tasks" runs every 15 minutes, and passes the command "check_alltasks" to NSClient++ with no parameters. This is defined in NSC.INI as

Secondary Function: oit-shs-windows

 This additional function check contains those tests that were not deemed "general" enough to include in os-windows but were important to the OIT-ISO-SHS group

  • backup_agent checks to be sure either the Avamar or Netbackup agent is loaded every 90 minutes.
  • uptime warns if a host has been running for 8 weeks, and reports critical at 15 weeks.  Uptime is checked every 90 minutes.

Secondary Function: os-windows

Server:os-windows is an additional function group, to house those checks that we think should apply to /every/ windows server, no matter what it's doing. The checks it performs are: 

  • "needs reboot"  checked every 90 minutes.
  • "windows updates" checked every 720 minutes (12 hours).
  • "antivirus" checked every 30 minutes.
  • "load" checked every 30 minutes
  • "drive space" checked every 15 minutes
  • "ping" checked every 15 minutes


Posting to Sysnews

Filling Out The Form


Select the organization you are representing with respect to this post.



A place to put all the info about the sysnews web site and it's configuration

TSS granted rights to sysnews server status

I've added permissions for "general access" and "view server details" to the TSS group.  I'm sure they will all use this power for good and not evil.


Nagios/SysNews Monitoring

Information about the inner workings of and the integrated Nagios.

The SysNews server is located at

The server itself is a pair of Linux machines running their own shared high-availability scheduler. If either machine is un-available, the other will automatically take over the service. The basic principal of this configuration is to try to ensure that even if other services are failing on campus, the SysNews server will be available to announce the outages.


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