Google Talk "oit-windows-services" chat room

OIT Systems and Hosted Services has a permenant Google chat room, hosted on conference.ncsu.edu

This room is used internally by SHS to coordinate staff activities, but anyone with a Unity ID is welcome to join in.

To use this chat room, you must first configure your "conference" account

Nagios notifications to NCSU google talk accounts

Here's a quick walkthrough on how to get the Sysnews Nagios notifications to send you instant messages (chat/talk) to your NCSU Google Account

First, you set up your notifications from https://sysnews.ncsu.edu/tools-bin/nagios-notifications

The Google Talk server

 If you have an NCSU Google account <unityid>@ncsu.edu you can use Google Talk with any Jabber client, or with the Google Talk service integrated into Gmail.

Note that you do not have to have to use Gmail for your NCSU e-mail to have access to Google Talk/Jabber.  You must have your Unity ID linked to NCSU's Google presence, but you don't have to have e-mail active.

The ITECS/EOS Jabber Server

Full documentation for the ITECS Jabber server can be found at https://www.itecs.ncsu.edu/systems/site.php/pages/using-jabber

These notes were cribbed from that page
Currently, ITECS is offering jabber accounts to any full time or part time IT staff on campus.

The settings to use for the ITECS/EOS jabber server are:

The Unity/OIT Jabber Server

The OIT Jabber server has buddy lists that are automatically populated via OIT People.  Unfortunately, it's implementation makes it effectively impossible to host non-OIT accounts.  The ITECS/EOS Jabber server offers accounts to any IT staff on campus, and so OIT staff generally need to also log in there also to effectively interact with campus.

The settings to use for the OIT/Unity jabber server are:



 There are a lot of Instant Message Applications in use in ISO.  This is an attempt to document them.



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