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LLT Configuration


Examples on how to update LLT on a running VCS cluster

Add and Remove LLT link examples 


Steps to add LLT link:

1) Files involved: 

  • /etc/llttab
  • /etc/llthosts

2) In this example, bge0 interface will be added as a low-priority udp link:

VCS - Veritas Clustering


VCS Helper Links

LDAP client issue on Solaris


Started a workaround section today on the xteams website.  First workaround added for LDAP client issues on Unix.  This might help anyone after hours and oncall for Unix servers experiencing an LDAP connection problem.  The issue has been observed several times on older Solaris 10 update 2.  Never is it a good time for this bug (especially like recent event at 2 AM last Sunday morning).  At any rate, try this workaround if warranted.  Might save some of us a lot of time and avoid a full reboot.  The LDAP client workaround has saved us on three occasions ov

Solaris 10 - LDAP client fails

LDAP Client Service Workaround

(1) If unable to login with an ldap account for a Solaris 10 host, check to see if this workaround corrects.

[server] ROOT / >  svcadm restart ldap/client


(2) If still an issue, try and reinitialize ldap/client using 'ldap_systems' script:

[server] ROOT / >  /usr/local/bin/ldap_systems




Sun T3-1 and T3-2 - Configure Boot RAID

Use this procedure for creating boot disk on a RAID-1 (mirrored) volume for T3-1 and T3-2 servers. 

Prerequisite:   As of this writing the NCSU T3 configurations have just two disks (for T3-1 and T3-2 server types).  These are commonly referred as HDD disks.  The HDD disks are installed into disk bays HDD0 and HDD1 (0 and 1 slots). 

Note:  This procedure is performed from OBP level.


SunOracle ILOM to ALOM

Current T3 systems use ILOM 3.0 or higher.  Which no longer supports the legacy ALOM commands.  That's a change some of us will have to get use to as the command syntax is very different.  I found a table comparing the old and new commands that might prove helpful. 

For help on ALOM to ILOM command syntax, click this link:       ALOM-to-ILOM

Zones - Add & Removal of ZFS (hot)


Occasionally ZFS filesystems need to be made accessible or removed to a zone dynamically.  Here are some notes to help mount a ZFS filesystem on the loopback (lofs) for a running zone:

Assuming zone is named "testzone":

Check the zone config for testzone to ensure the resource is not yet defined:

Nagios Monitoring Netware Servers

 For Netware servers, we use MRTGEXT to monitor the OS status, and report back using the build-in Nagios plugin,check_nwstat



ZFS Pool Management - Import | Export | Upgrade | Grow

ZFS Pool examples and scenarios for importing, upgrading, growing and exporting.

Reconnecting zfs pool after a system rebuild:

Pools can become disconnected from a host such as the case after a system rebuild.

We expect to see zfssanpool after a system rebuild however only the local pool is showing:


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