Mac Issues in WolfTech, part 2

I talked with Joey Jenkins (Design) about the issue that they had when the cross-realm trust to EOS.NCSU.EDU was enabled in WolfTech. Basically, authentication to their CIFS shares broke. They were running samba on Mac OS X.


I asked Brian Arkills from the University of Washingon for his ppt slides from the windows-hied presentation he gave that covered FERPA.

ferpaAndAD- gives an overview of FERPA and has some specific discussion of AD

HiEdConf2007FillInTopics-Barkills - the last topic on Group Invisibility is what many folks in the hied world are doing to deal with FERPA in Active Directory.

FERPA presentation

Brian Askills from the University of Washington has done a good presentation on FERPA which is available online at:


It's 45 minutes.

The first 30 minutes are all about FERPA. It provides a good intro to the subject, with some interesting tid-bits. The last 15 minutes are FERPA & Active Directory. It is a little Exchange-heavy.

I think, being a Microsoft LiveMeeting ActiveX kind of thingie, it may require Internet Explorer. Opera don't work.


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