Fibre Channel - check/update driver versions Solaris

Notes for checking and updating qlc firmware and o/s driver for Solaris

to check firmware loaded on hba:
fcinfo hba-port
luxadm fcode -p
to check what's loaded on running o/s:
modinfo |grep qlc
There is a patch available that will update the qlc firmware and o/s driver.
if using jumpstart, the qlc patch is included as part of the install, located at:
in lieu of jumpstart, can standalone patchadd. here is location:
  ls /share/Solaris/patch/10/QLC_SAN
     2  MOS_SOL10_SPARC_FC_HBA_DRIVER_FIRMWARE_Matrix_10-14-11.pdf
     see pdf above for additional doc
firmware - between hba and o/s driver - ensure firmware is updated.  
   With patch rev 146489-05 and qlogic hba qle2462: 
   -firmware version 5.04.03  (see fcinfo hba-port)  
   -host code 3.05 (see modinfo | grep qlc)
fcode - aka boot-code is what talks fiber channel across the SAN to the storage devices.
   -fcode is updated via patch 123305-04 - recommneded to be in single-user mode to run san-surfer utility.
to install 146489-05 manually (updates hba firmware & o/s driver):
patchadd 146489-05
   Note: to complete hba firmware update, either reboot -or- forceclip each path:  
         example > luxadm forceclip -e [devicepath]


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