xSupport - Sun/Solaris Server Hardware Troubleshooting (GD)


Solaris Server hardware troubleshooting, submitting a ticket

If ssh is unavailable to system, login to system via the console :

console access:  

or LOM ( Lights Out Management ).

LOM access:  ssh root@<hostname>-nm.oit.ncsu.edu

Note : To switch to console from the LOM, type “console” at the prompt

If you are at the “ok” prompt, type “boot” to attempt to restart the system. If the system will not boot, then call Oracle support directly at (800) 872-4786

If you have a login prompt, login as root, and check for errors:

1)  Type command :

fmadm faulty

This will make a call to hardware to see if there are any current known problems.  Save this information in a text file for reference in a possible Oracle ticket.

If errors are listed, generate an explorer for system by running explorer as user root:


The results of explorer will be stored in /usr/local/opt/SUNWexplo/output as a tar/gzip that will be uploaded into the Oracle ticket.  Move a copy of the explorer file back to your desktop/VM/Laptop/etc to upload later.

2)  Determine the system OBP ( Open Boot Prompt ) level.  Oracle support will ask for this in every hardware ticket.  Issue the following as root:  

prtdiag -v | grep OBP

Results will look something like this:  OBP 4.32.2.b 2010/12/21 20:21

Save the command and output to your text file.

3) Login to the LOM from console by typing #.

On T2000, T5xxx servers there is an ALOM which will be accessible with user 'admin'.  Use this interface for those classes of machines.

4) Run command:

showplatform -v

This will give system serial number and running state. Save the typed command and this output to your text file.

5) Run command :


This will show any existing faults on system.  It SHOULD match what 'show faulty' displayed on the O/S side.  IF there is a UUID number then it may be an error that can be 'cleared'.  

To attempt this run command 'clearfault UUID#'.  Run showfault again and if cleared then
system should be ok.  If it doesn't clear, continue down list.

6)  Run command :


Oracle Support usually asks for this.  Save the typed command and output to your text file.  This information is general hardware status, some of which can ONLY be seen if the system is powered on.

7) Login to Oracle support:  https://support.oracle.com/

NOTE:  In the event that oracle online support is unavailable OR this is a major server down  (ie Severity level 1)  the direct support line is (800) 872-4786

8) Near middle of screen after logging in there is a tab labeled 'Create SR'.  Click on and choose 'hardware' Follow the prompts.

First question will be for system Serial Number.  You'll have this from previous data collected.

Answer questions for each screen until you are generated a ticket number.

The options for how to notified exists as:  phone, web, or email.  Make sure and choose the one appropriate to your support situation.

At a point in ticket process there is page for uploading various documents.
One will be the Explorer bundle gathered previously.  Upload this from where you saved it.

There is another upload place for LOM info.  Save the .txt doc with collected data in text file gathered previously and upload.  This should help speed along ticket with support.


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