CNAME created for uni03ps


At the request of the folks in the WolfTech active directory, I've added a CNAME to uni03ps of

This is so that existing clients that have in their DNS search path can find it more easily.

For the spring semester, we're no longer using the Novell Pcounter system for Windows workstation printing.  Instead, uni03ps is running Samba to provide access to the lprng printers via the Microsoft RPCs.

NCSU FOSS Fair 2009

I've rumored it quite a bit and now its official.  The first NCSU FOSS         
Fair will be held Monday, February 2nd in Engineering Building 2.  More
information here:                        

The fair is open to students, staff, faculty, Red Hat, and guests and is       
run in an unconference style.  Sign up to talk about your Open Source
project, get feedback from the community, hold a hackfest, plan your          

Novell SLP servers now more closely monitored in Nagios

I've modified the nagios function "slp" to include more than just monitoring the service location protocol port.

Since our SLP servers are also Novell servers, function "slp" now monitors the usual Netware stuff, namely abends, cpu, drive space for SYS, login enabled, and nds database (open or closed).

To accompany the new checks, I've updated our playbook documentation to include SLP servers.

OIT Unix Systems SIgns Packages

In the Documentation section under the Vision category I've created a brief document on how to sign and verify RPM packages.  As we move forward with the new OIT unix systems yum repository all packages there will need to be signed with the key as documented.  I have set the unixsys.repo configuration file to check for proper GPG signatures.

AITD Meeting 20081104

Keith Boswell (COE/ITECS) is the sole nominee for chair of the AITD for the next year. Greg Robinson (CNR) was nominated and declined. However, he is the nominee for the second officer.

Change Advisory Board - 20881104

I attended the CAB today. The meeting was very brief as several members were absent. There were no changes to report on, except that I provided the update that we are working to test moving administrative Novell file and print servers from the CheckPoint to the Cisco firewall. The original date was 11/14; I noted that the date depends on successful completion of testing. Gary Li asked that Gene coordinate a date/time with Cheryl Cleveland as there is a major financials update scheduled a few hours after the original date for this change.

Authenticated users can now comment and vote in polls


Since we now allow folks outside of ISO to see our public content, I've changed the default permissions so that any logged in user can post comments.

Since folks must authenticate, we should be protected from the great spamiverse outside.

I also added the right to vote in polls, and to cancel their own votes, should we ever post any polls.  If an intra-ISO poll is desired, we can just use the regular taxonomy controls to restrict who can access the poll to vote on it.


Service Teams news in right hand block


I've added an rss aggregator to collect all of the public posts from the service teams hosted on this site, and added it to the right hand block of this site, under "Sysnews Announcements"

If you don't care for it, go to your "My Account" settings, and you can turn it off.

I find this is a cheap and easy way to keep on top of the teams I'm supporting, and figured it might be generally useful.


ISO site is now open

This website has been opened back up to the general public, as per our discussion in the SHS staff meeting this morning. Individual nodes of content will be tagged with a Security level, which allows us to intermix public, campus, oit, and group-specific content on the same site.

Note as well that the URL has been changed. The old URL is now redirecting to which is the current URL for this site.


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